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Lesson Instructions

In order to learn the material covered in this course, students need to have good learning practices while working on a lesson. Scientific research into learning has shown that students who use certain "good" practices are more successful than students who don't use those practices. The following instructions are meant to encourage students to use good learning practices while working on a lesson.

  1. You may study the lessons online, or you can download them for offline use.
    • A lesson's PDF files may be viewed using any PDF reader.
  2. Read the text of the lesson carefully in a place without distractions.
    • Take thorough, complete, and good notes as you study the lesson.
      • Taking notes is an effective memory-retention technique that improves learning.
    • Make note of items you do not understand and go back over those items until you understand them. Ask for help on any items you are unable to understand yourself.
    • Do not use other electronic devices (except for a calculator) or visit other web sites when you are studying the lesson.
  3. Work through the homework problems referring to your notes and the lesson when necessary. Use the homework problem solutions only when you get completely stuck.
  4. Do not consider the lesson to be completed until you thoroughly understand it. If there is something about a lesson you do not understand, then obtain help by either visiting Dr. Randby in his office during his office hours, making an appointment to meet with him in his office and meeting with him during the appointment's time, visiting the online help room during Dr. Randby’s online office hours, making an appointment to meet with Dr. Randby in the online help room and meeting with him in the help room during the appointment’s time, or sending an email message to asking for help.
  5. Redo the homework problems before a quiz without referring to any other materials. It is best to do this more than once.

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