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  • Applications of inverse trigonometric functions were discussed (Homework 18).


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Split video or lesson up into pieces: video-activity-video-…


  • This video is in WebM format. A list of browsers that support this format is given on on the Playing WebM Video page. Firefox and Google Chrome both support the format.
  • If you wish to download the video for offline viewing, right click on the video and choose the "Save Video As…" option. Saved videos may be played offline using Firefox, another browser that supports the WebM format, or media player software such as VLC or SMPlayer.
  • Video lesson page
    • A page containing only the video.
    • Make a ZIP file of the video lesson page containing the page, video, webvtt, and css files so that the captions may be used offline. The captions are not part of the video.


00:00: Put transcript here. Make transcript from audio to text conversion, or make transcript before recording.

00:05: Captions are better. Put them in a WebVTT file and use the <track> tag.

00:10: Lesson text version for use by the blind (not the actual text version of this particular lesson).

  • Make source code available for accessibility by blind students.
  • Use comments for descriptions of graphics.
  • Use comments for descriptions of mathematics contained in the file.

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