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  1. The course is an online course. Lessons will be studied during eight learning periods and quizzes will be taken during eight quiz periods. Each learning period will be followed by a quiz period.
  2. Links to the lessons will be posted in the Current Lessons section on the Lessons page of the course website. Each lesson will contain one or more sections. Each lesson section contains a video, the notes made in the video, homework problems, and homework problem solutions.
  3. The lessons should be studied in the order they appear in the Current Lessons section of the Lessons page.
  4. Each quiz will be worth 50 points and will cover the lessons posted in the Current Lessons section of the Lessons page. Quizzes will be given on Brightspace. You will have 75 minutes to complete a quiz and submit your written work. The first 60 minutes is for taking the quiz, and the final 15 minutes is for making one or more PDF files of your written work, adding the PDF(s) to the quiz responses, and submitting the quiz.
  5. Help will be available via email. Live online help (individual or group) will be available using web conferencing software. See the Help page of the course website or the Getting Help section of the syllabus for instructions on obtaining help.


A major part of cybersecurity work is reading, studying, and understanding documentation. Documentation is presented in a wide variety of forms, and working with documentation effectively is a skill you need to acquire and refine.

The syllabus is the documentation for this course—it is your guide to the course. The syllabus completely explains the course policies and how the course works. You are required to study the syllabus carefully so that you understand the course policies, know how to learn in the course, know what to do to get help with the course materials, know when you need to study, know when you need to take quizzes, and know how to take the quizzes.


Course Information

Course Name: Applied Cryptanalysis
Course Identifiers: MATH 461-501 (14991)
Course Type: Online
Length: 1/16/2024–5/5/2024

Instructor Information

Scott Randby, Ph.D. (Mathematics)
Associate Professor of Technical Mathematics
Faculty Fellow of the Center for Intelligence and Security Studies
Department of Mathematics
College of Engineering and Polymer Science
The University of Akron
Akron, OH 44325-4002

Office: College of Arts and Sciences 263 (CAS 263)
Phone: 330-972-6094

Pronouns: he/him/his/himself

Author: Scott P. Randby


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